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Chandal Yog

What is Guru Chandal Yoga?

" When the rahu planets or ketu planets conjuction situated on horosocop with Jupiter planest or(guru)then the creat of most important bad yoga who is called guru cnandal yog "

when ceart this yoga on horoscop any person then he face many problem in his life like that’s mental problem,wealth and health effective,it’s depand on where is house cerat yoga in horosocop.example that when the creat on kundali 10 th hosue then he preson face many problem is service,his respect effected,who’s person doing any works but not getting complete sucees his father health and wealth is also effected so guru chandal yog is effected educatione and children problem his preson wife and friends give him deceive many times his wholwe life .when is creat 5 th house and 4 th house creat then mother will be effected of evil effet health and mental depress,gives many helalth problem, whole life it’s give evil effect those preson who is born guru chandal yoga.


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