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Vastushanti Puja

Vastu means the dwelling of humans and Gods. Vastu shastra is an ancient science which helps one get the benefits freely offered by the basic elements of the universe. These basic elements are Akash (SKY), Prithvi (EARTH), Paani (WATER), Agni (FIRE), and Vayu (WIND). Vaastu Shanti worship is originally a worship of lord and deity of directions, five elements of nature as well as natural forces and other related stuffs. We perform Vaastu Shanti (worship of deity and lord of nature and their elements and natural forces as well as lord and deity of directions and environment) to remove any type of Vaastu dosha whether it's a land and building, nature or environment, by Vaastu shastra worship to avoid major changes and demolition in the structure of building. We must do Vaastu shanti in the following circumstances to avoid adverse effect (circumstances) by nature and environment. When one chooses against Vaastu parameters. Construction of building against the Vaastu rules and money short comings remain in the structure. Due to errors in interior arrangement of concerned rooms and buildings. When someone buys an old home. At the time of renovation of home or business places. When we have been living for 10 years continuously. After coming back from a foreign trip for a long time. At the time of inauguration of a new home. A glance on this service is:


2.Ganapati Samren


4.Shree Ganapati Pujan

5.Kalash Sthapan and Poojan



8.Shodeshmater ka Poojan

9.Vasodhera Poojan

10.Aausheya Mantrajaap


12.Accharya aade ka varen

13.Yogne Poojan

14.Khetrapal Poojan

15.Agne Sethapen

16.Navagraha Sthapan and Poojan

17.Vaastumandala Poojan and Sthaapan

18.Gerha Haven

19.Vaastu Devta Hom




22.Jaldugeddhara and Dhwaja Pataka Sthapan




26.Brahman Bhojan

27.Uttar Bhojan



All abovementioned things are part of recorded Vaastu Shanti pooja.


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